Healing Packages

Welcome to Enigma Healing

All my services are designed with your healing journey in mind. Whether you need support through physical, mental or emotional pain, these natural and intuitive services will help you to find happiness, relief and abundance.

Your wellbeing is my calling.

One off Distance Healing Reiki £66

Reiki healing is traditionally an in-person practise, but experienced Reiki Masters can deliver sessions long-distance. By channelling energies, I use Reiki to balance your chakras, align your energy fields and tap into your spiritual, emotional and psychological wellbeing.

Reiki has incredible benefits, including alleviating stress, relieving headaches, anxiety, depression and many more ailments that you may have struggled to release with conventional medicine.

Angelic Healing £99

By channelling your angels, we teach you how to connect with them, protect yourself from negative energies and remove psychic daggers. Your Angelic Healing journey includes meditation, card readings, automatic writing and other natural, intuitive practises.

If you’re struggling with anguish, trauma or emotional pain, an Angelic Healing session can work to reconnect you with your inner self, helping you to see the path to true wellness.

Bespoke Healing Packages £444

Distant bespoke healing packages include a combination of therapies and healing techniques, customised to your own unique journey, including:

4 Reiki Healing Sessions
1 Angelic Healing Session
£30 worth of crystals
2 pages of personalised affirmations, written just for you
Bespoke meditation

Angel Oracle Card Reading £88

As an Advanced Angel Card Master, I’ll read your Angel Oracle Cards to bring messages from your own Angels and the Archangels. In our 1 hour Zoom session together, you’ll experience a 9 card reading, helping you gain a deeper understanding of your current situation and future path.

To keep you on the path, I’ll also conduct a 6 card, 6 month future reading.

Crystal Consultation £139

(£40 worth of crystals included)

If you’ve ever wanted to welcome the healing aspects of crystals into your life, but didn’t know where to start, this 45 minute zoom session will have you totally clued up on the crystals you need on your journey.

Together we’ll talk through your wellbeing needs and settle upon the perfect crystal combination for you to seek out and benefit from.

Custom Crystal Grid Creation from £99

Come to me with absolutely any issue and we’ll create your own dedicated crystal grid in a 45 minute Zoom session.

Whether it’s financial stresses, sleepless nights, healing needs or any quandaries of day-to-day life, a crystal grid can help to release those issues and give you respite.