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But wait, who am I?

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Hi, I’m Sonali, but you can also call me Lily!

I am an Abundance Coach, meaning, I spend my days teaching women how to step into their power, crunch their money timelines, step up and become the 6 figure entrepreneurs they dreamt of being. I love money (yes, I know, crazy right?) and l love teaching women how to love money and make lots of it! Clients of mine have gone from £0 income months to £4k months consistently and other amazing ladies have doubled their corporate income!

I know what you are thinking, another money mindset coach? Cue the eye roll! Well, I’m here to tell you, I work differently (cue the second eye roll), I do I mean it! I work with Crystals, Reiki, Angels and other incredible tools to help empower you! Which is why I called my company Enigma Healing. I do things a little out of the ordinary, because I like extraordinary results!